Me being Me (Instead of Me being Them, which Sucks because I’m actually Me.)

This is very important to me. And I think about it a lot. Last year I learnt a lot of a lot about Me, and how to be Me, even in different circumstances. I learnt that it is okay to be different, and that I should rock that to the best of my ability. Even if it is hard, I was made to be this way.


Learning about onesie’s self is always a very interesting journey. Some things I discovered over the past year Re: Me is:

  1. I am not as Socially Unbreakable as People make me out to be!!!

Yes. It’s true. Even Extroverts need their time out. (Don’t laugh, all ye Introverts, it is a truthable fact.) Every Extrovert needs to take the scary, daunting and intimidating plunge into Silence and Serenity to discover how they should prescribe their chill pills. For me, ways I recover from the hype and excitement and stress of Over Fun (I think that’s a thing) includes loud music, my solitary room, drawing, exploring the bush, trees, playing pretend (sometimes I pretend I am a monk. 🤔 Or a Pirate. Or both.) watching movies (90% Disney), solo missions of exploratorationing of some place I’ve never gone before, coffee, reading, sleeping, exercising, or doing absolutely nothing on a Productivity Level of -0%. *

*However, I do not normally do all these things at once.


2. I will be loved as Me, not as Me impersonating Someone Else’s Me.

CRUCIAL. Looking back over last year I can recall thinking (most often late at night during those ungodly insomniacal hours) about people I know, and how darn Cool they are. Capital C. I would pinpoint what makes them Cool in my eyes, and accidentally idolise that. (Anyone else done that??😰🖐🏽)

It was a bad move. It would infiltrate my mind and so often when I was back in the social circle of life I would feel lame and boring, because I didn’t have what their personality did. I didn’t feel Cool. 😞 And if I’d try imitate that little quirk or awesome streak that my friend has, I would feel like a stupid imposter and pathetically lamentable. (Ay thanks 👍🏼)

What I’m trying to get at is, when I sat and thought on the things I am good at, the things people tell me I’m awesome at, list my own quirks and blessings, and just the general Me-ness, then spend my hours working on honing them ones, soon I would turn out to be a better Me. One that I liked as Me!*

As the saying goes: “Only Nomi!” 🙃

And you WILL find out that people love that version better anyway! (Everybody likes the original to the versions and variations anyway. *cough cough* Starwars *cough cough*)

*Sounds vain but it isn’t.

3. I am my own Person. 😇 (Which means “don’t you dare tell me how to draw that.”👿)

This is a truthable. I have always had a bit of a deaf ear to accepting artistic advice and criticism from others. Being completely self-taught in the way of the Arts, I have always just wanted to do things my way in my own little world ever since I was a kid. (Because obviously it always turned out bloody fab anyway so there) However, over the past year I will bite my pride and admit there is a lot to glean from listening to other artists (and non artists even) when it comes to my art. Moral of the story kids: Listening is glistening. (Wait what…Okay so that makes zilch sense but it sounds like clever crap so let’s roll with it.)

I can create my own artistic style and flare, and you can be sure as hell I will, but, God has surrounded me with gifted people, and he’s given me the grace and humility to learn from them. Their advice, their mistakes, their styles and interests, all of it actually plays a big big benefit to my own artistic growth and I have learnt to really appreciate it!

4. Being strong has a lot of IMPORTANTNESS

Unfortunately I don’t really mean physically. (Though I am working on that.💪🏽) But having the strength to stand up for yourself is even more important that beating your brother in an arm wrestle (yes, I used to be able to do that before he grew another six inches) I am learning to be strong in what I believe and what I want. In all manners of life. In my choice of friends, in a boyfriend, in my day-to-day schedule, my faith, my habits, my way of living, my career. All of these things I want to face head on when the times come, and when they do (because they will) I want to have my head screwed on straight and the strength to do the hard stuff right. The past year I have learnt lots about staying strong and positive, and sticking to my guns for what I want. (I am sure there is a Disney song for what I’m trying to say here.)

i can go the disnatce

5. And all sorts of other stuffs

The thing about this post, is that I can’t rreallyy  go into specifics (although I’ve done alright getting past four 😊) The thing about Me being Me (instead of Me being Them, which sucks because I’m actually Me) is that Me consists of a whole lot of random crap. (But it’s not really crap, because we all know all sorts of random crap goes into a recipe, but a glorious cupcake is still the result.) (That was me trying to sound wise. Think I’ll leave quote making to the Jedi)

I’m not exactly much of a List Person (especially not compared to my sister!) but something I like doing is making a list of things that make up me. We could call it the List of Me-neccities. (I just realised that sounds like Menace necessities. 😐😁)  So if you’re ever feeling down in the dumps, you should try making up a list of the things that makes up you, so you can realise just how especially awesome you are as you!!*

*Sounds vain but it isn’t.

glorious cupcake_7

Anyone have any thoughts about the past 15 minutes of your life I just wasted? 😄✌🏼




2 thoughts on “Me being Me (Instead of Me being Them, which Sucks because I’m actually Me.)

  1. Well, since I am so brilliant at lists (blushing), here are things I learned in the last eight minutes:
    1. it wasn’t a waist. or a waste. :p It was brilliant.
    2. I like reading your writing because it is funses and funny and very very true! KEEP IT UPSES!
    3. I like speaking in gollum-talk, forewarning, warning, and explanation
    4. You make me happy
    5. UMMM remember what I was telling you about myself and my friend feeling like the other person was the cool one who had their life together and if only I could imitate them without feeling like a pathetically lamentable stupid impostor? Well that’s me with you sometimes. 🙂 So please don’t feel like you have to be like other people, or like the you of the past, or the you you think you ought to be like now, and I will try and do the same with me. Try. Very hard. No promises. << going to blog point #5. haha. it sound Jedisical.
    6. I need more downtime without feeling guilty. 🙂
    7. My family is my biggest team.
    8. Be yourself.

    Love you! keep up the writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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